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In Memory

In any organization as large and enduring as the Renegade Pigs, it is inevitable that members will be lost to the passage of time, age, illness, accident, or the hazards of the line of duty. These members have come to be known as the Forever Chapter, and we carry them with us whenever and wherever we ride. To date, three members of the North Jersey Chapter are numbered among the Forever Chapter, and each has a distinctive patch that we wear on our "colors" to honor their memory.

Paul "Axe" Laszczynski
Axe Memorial Patch

Paul "Axe" Laszczynski

Paul was a police officer with the Port Authority of NY/NJ PD. He was a member of the department's Emergency Services Unit and was no stranger to hazardous situations, notably having carried a handicapped man down over 70 flights of stairs during the 1993 bombing at the World Trade Center. A big, good-looking guy who took great pride in maintaining a sharp appearance, it was often said that Paul never met a camera he didn't like. Paul loved riding his Harley, as well as the brotherhood of the club. He was a solid friend and a formidable ally whose nickname derived from his tendency to cut quickly through all the drama and nonsense of a situation and get to the essentials of the problem.

On September 11, 2001, Paul was lost in the line of duty during the attacks on the World Trade Center.

John "Chippendale" Samara
Chippendale Memorial

John "Chippendale" Samra

John was a motorcycle officer with the Clifton PD Traffic Division. An experienced "wheel man", he was regarded by most as one of the most capable riders in the chapter. In his off-duty time, John volunteered with special needs children in the community as well as the Special Olympics, and was dedicated health and personal fitness. This commitment has led to a park, a gym, and a 5K scholarship run being dedicated in his memory. Easy-going and amiable, John was rarely seen without a smile, yet he still maintained a high level of professionalism and command presence in what most of us regard as one of the best jobs in the world. Away from the job, John loved the outdoors, and would often find any excuse to lose his shirt, as his nickname suggests.

On November 21, 2003, John was lost in the line of duty when his motorcycle was struck by a car that he was attempting to intercept after the driver fled from a motor vehicle stop.

Dexter "Preacher" Taylor
Dexter Memorial Patch

Dexter "Preacher" Taylor

Dexter was a court officer with the New York City Unified Court System. During that time, he served as a coordinator for their Employee Assistance Program, then as an instructor for the Court Officers' Academy. In addition to riding his Harley, Dexter enjoyed sports and all types of physical activity, and had been a professional singer before joining the court system. One of the fondest memories of the chapter members who knew him was when he would join the band at our annual charity event for a sizzling rendition of his signature song, "Mustang Sally". A deeply spiritual man who was devoted to his family and his church, Dexter held in his heart a wish for the well-being of all of his fellow members, which gave rise to his nickname.

On April 16, 2004, Dexter succumbed to an extended battle with cancer, which he fought with all of the passion that characterized his life.

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